Start of Formula 1 racing

Since the beginning of Formula 1 racing with FIA rules in 1950, official Grand Prix have taken place. The first F1 Grand Prix was the British Grand Prix at 13 May 1950 at Silverstone and won by the Italian driver Nino Farina. The last Grand Prix was the on at and won by .

Global overview

In total drivers with different nationalities and constructors from countries have participated in Formula 1 racing. Those drivers and constructors have raced at different circuits in countries. Through the years there are different drivers who became World Champions and constructors that became World Champions. has host the most F1 Grand Prix with a number of Grand Prix’.

Driver information

has drove the most Grand Prix’ in the history of Formula 1 with Grand Prix entries. has won the most Grand Prix with wins. has won the most qualifications with pole positions. has the longest winning streak with consecutive Grand Prix wins in . The youngest driver during a Grand Prix is with years and the oldest driver is with years. The youngest Grand Prix winner is with years and the oldest Grand Prix winner is with years.

Most successful driver

With world titles, is the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1. was active between the years and has entered Grand Prix’ and won of them. He started out of Grand Prix’ in pole position. has drove for different constructors: . Hit the Driver info button to compare the results of your favorite drivers!

Constructor information

While the Formula 1 World Championship for drivers started in 1950, the World Championship for constructors wasn’t added until 1958. Nowadays it’s normal to see constructors compete for the world title, while back in the day in , constructors compete for the world title. There are constructors in the history of Formula 1 from countries. With constructors, is the origin country where the most constructors orginate. The five constructors that have participated in the most GP’s are . Because has driven in almost all the GP’s it isn’t very surprising they have also won the most GP’s. When we look at the highest winning percentage of teams is the most successful constructor with a winning rate of .

Most successful constructor

The most successful constructor is with world titles. The first Grand Prix of was at in . has participated in Grand Prix’ in total and has won of them. drivers have driven for .

Circuit information

The shortest Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1 is the of . This Grand Prix lasted just . The longest Grand Prix is the of , which had a duration of .The line chart shows the trend of the fastest lap time since 1996. It shows how the current hybrid V6 cars are almost as fast as the V10 cars during the beginning of the 00’s.